Is Fergie Finally Pregnant? These Photos Seem to Say So!

Fergie Pregnant?

Could it be? Is Fergie finally pregnant? If you look at these photos, you would have to probably agree that she is totally knocked up. Sure, she may have just put on some pounds but the way she is carrying this extra new weight is pretty suspect. It appears to be more a “bun in the oven” weight gain rather than a “I ate too many buns,” weight gain.

But a Fergie/ Duhamel baby shouldn’t come of a surprise. The two have been open about how they would like to start a family, and the Black Eyed Peas reportedly have taken a “break” so that they that Fergie could procreate.

Check out these new photos of Fergie…is there a baby on board?

  • Fergie 1 of 5
    Fergie wore a green jacket which she tried to keep closed. This red carpet siting started the newest set of rumors this week.
  • The Snake 2 of 5
    The Snake
    Then there was the snake dress. The pattern of the reptile may have tried to distract from her tummy, but the fit really highlighted the weight in the tummy.
  • Really? 3 of 5
    Who gains weight like this? Not that many, this really foes look baby bump-ish.
  • Is She Really Trying to Hide it? 4 of 5
    Is She Really Trying to Hide it?
    With a dress like this, it doesn't look like she is!
  • Belting the bump? 5 of 5
    Belting the bump?
    Photos from Thursday show her accenting her waist to belly ratio. What do you think?