Is Gwen Stefani A Bad Mother? Both Sons Spotted With Dyed Blue Hair

Is Gwen using her children as fashion accessories?

We can understand wanting to make a bold family fashion statement, but really Gwen?  The “No Doubt” rocker was spotted shopping in Hollywood with her husband, Gavin Rossdale and their two sons, Kingston and Zuma, both sporting bright blue hair.

Five-year-old Kingston sported a bright blue Mohawk while little brother Zuma, 3, had a blue streak of color in his blonde hair.

While there is no doubt that the use of commercial hair dyes can be hazardous to your health, many conventional hair dyes and coloring agents contain potent and harmful chemicals that could do damage to the young boys’ hair and scalp.

Fashionista Gwen is used to rocking the latest looks while in Hollywood, but using her children as fashion accessories crosses the line from tragically hip to tragically bad taste.

This isn’t the first time Gwen has experimented with son Kingston’s hair.  Just last year Kingston was snapped with bleach blonde hair at the tender age of 4.

Do you think Gwen is a bad mom for dyeing her sons’ hair?  Would you use chemical dyes and treatments to color your toddler’s hair?