Is Lauryn Hill Pregnant With Baby Number Six?


Lauryn HillI’m a huge music fan, and a fan of musician Lauryn Hill. After a long hiatus from what I remember her by (her time with The Fugees), Lauryn Hill, now 35, was back performing again and at the Coachella Music Festival in April…and I’m not gonna lie – she looked like she might be expecting. Not for the first time or even the second or third, but for the sixth time!

Is she gaining weight or just hiding underneath a full dress?

At this point, nothing has been confirmed.

But just two weeks after her Coachella performance, Lauryn was onstage at LA’s Club Nokia with what seemed to be a secret message: “I keep having these children. I don’t know if I’m the most fertile woman in America. I’ve got five big children, you believe that? If you ask anybody I went to high school with, they’d be like puzzled… Wait till you hear the big secret though.”

So….what is it Lauryn? Are you expecting Baby #6? When are you going to tell us? When will you pop?!

Hollybaby reported that they tried to contact Lauryn’s reps with no success.

So what do you think? Based on her words, is she pregnant and not ready to divulge the secret? I happen to think that may just be true!

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