Is It Too Early to Call Lauren Alaina The American Idol Winner?


Lauren Alaina

Didn’t American Idol like, just start? But that isn’t stopping people from already claiming a “winner.” Yes, everyone loves to give their prediction, their picks and who they think will take the show, run with it, and win. And to many, they’ve already made their choice. They think 15-year-old Lauren Alaina will and should win. And they are not alone…

Already she has come out as a judges favorite.What did they say?

“I think we found The One today,” Steven Tyler said, at the end of day two of  Nashville auditions. “We found her. “Oh, yeah, we did.”

“She’s a baby; she’s 15 years old,” Jennifer Lopez stated. “It doesn’t matter what age, where, what, what, what. If you got it, you got it, and you definitely got it,” Randy replied.

“You’ve definitely got a gift. … You’ve got real, natural, God-given talent,” added Randy.

Check out Lauren Alaina signing right here: