Is Jay-Z Going To Be The Most Protective Father In Show Business?

Showing respect to Rihanna: Father figure Jay-Z during Chris Brown's VMA performance

If power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z have a baby girl next year, let’s just say the boys better watch out!

Dad-to-be Jay-Z has already shown signs of being a protective father figure to his pop princess Rihanna, who he discovered years ago and helped make her the household name she is today.

As many show business relationships come and go, Jay-Z and Rihanna are still apparently very tight to this day.  In fact, the two are so close that when the entire audience got up and cheered singer Chris Brown during his show-stopping performance during the MTV Video Music Awards, Jay-Z didn’t even move from his seat, let alone clap.

(I’m sure we all remember what happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna two years ago, but it looks like the audience and music industry might have clearly forgotten.)

If this is any indication of what kind of protective daddy Jay-Z is going to be, or the father figure he already is, we like what we see.

What do you think?  Is Jay-Z going to be a good father?


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