Is Jenn Sterger Just A Younger Version Of Deanna Favre?

deanna favre jenn sterger
The resemblance between Deanna Favre and Jenn Sterger is uncanny
Is Jenn Sterger the woman that Brett Favre has allegedly been sending explicit texts to a doppelganger of Favre’s own wife, Deanna? Well, it if you compare pictures of the two, it certainly seems that way!
Favre has been accused of sending some pretty explicit pictures and texts to Sterger, and even leaving her voice mails after spotting the former Playboy Model and GameDay Host for the New York Jets when he played for the Jets.
Favre and Deanna have been married since 2006 and have 2 daughters together.
If you look at pictures of Deanna and Jenn Sterger together there’s no denying the resemblance between the two. So does it make it even creepier that Sterger is basically a younger version of Deanna Favre? Yeah, it totally does.
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