Is Jennifer Aniston Getting Ready To Have a Baby?


Tabloids have been trying to get Jennifer Aniston knocked up for ages. And now there are new rumors floating around that a baby may be in her future sooner than later, well at least that’s what one tabloid is claiming….

OK! Magazine put the Jennifer baby news on the cover saying that she discussed her plans with a major magazine that will come out in several months. “Jennifer saying in the interview that she will do everything in her power to have a baby ‘as soon as possible,’ and she is ready for that now.” The insider continues to say that, “This is really her public announcement that she is emotionally ready for children. She doesn’t get into specifics beyond saying how much she wants to be a mother and that she’s actually exploring how she can do that.”

So how will she become a mother? There’s the good old-fashioned way, where she meets a boy and makes a baby. Then there is the option of in vitro which is what her character in the upcoming film Switch did, a single gal who undergoes artificial insemination. Another way she might go is adoption. She has a couple close friends who’ve adopted Sheryl Crowe and Nicole Kidman (who adopted Isabel and Conner when she was with Tom Cruise). But according to the source, adoption is not her first choice. “Jen says her dream is to look into her baby’s eyes and see a little bit of herself looking back.”

Jen is apparently confident that she won’t having issues conceiving and carrying a baby. If she got knocked up now, she’d be the same age as her BFF Courteney Cox when she has her daughter Coco.

So why the sudden interest in becoming a mom? Besides her clock ticking, she has recently been acting in roles where she is a young mother like Marley & Me, The Switch, and the upcoming film Just Go With It. And during the filming of the latter, she apparently bonded with Nicole Kidman’s daughter Sunday Rose. A source said that, ” Jen held Sunday and cooed at her; it seemed like Jen fell in love with her. It has made her desire to be a mother stronger than ever.”

Do you think this is just the tabloids trying to impregnate her again or do you think there is a baby in her future?

Photo: Bauer Griffin