Is Jennifer Aniston Secretly Pregnant?

Does Jen look like she's sporting a bump?

I know, we’ve been speculating this for how many months now, but could it be that former Friends star Jennifer Aniston is finally expecting a little friend of her own?

According to Britain’s The Mirror, they say yes. Sources tell the paper that Jennifer has been spotted sporting a rounder bump in her mid-section lately and that she’s been keeping a very low profile with her current boyfriend, (and maybe future baby daddy) Justin Theroux.

It was only last October that Jen denied that she was pregnant and instead said her giving up cigarettes was the reason why she’s gained weight in recent months.

But according to onlookers who’ve spotted Jen and Justin at a New York City movie theater earlier this week, that’s no food baby Jen’s carrying in her mid-section. Some say that she definitely looks pregnant and that she’s secretly been trying to hide her pregnancy as much as possible. There are some reports even suggesting that Jennifer is due in April.

While it’s difficult to believe The Mirror report, it wouldn’t be difficult to believe that Jen would want to keep her possible pregnancy as quiet and private as possible. She’s probably fully aware of all the media attention she would get if she were to announce a pregnancy and the comparisons to her ex-husband Brad Pitt and his current partner Angelina Jolie would lead to.

Here’s a pic of Jennifer and Justin with friends (and Orlando Bloom) taken earlier this week. Does it look like she’s sporting a baby bump there?


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