Is Jennifer Garner on the Bump Watch List Again?!? (PHOTOS)


I would hate to be a Hollywood mom. Sure I wouldn’t mind the money and all the free clothes.  But I would be completely mortified if anytime I was seen with a little bit of post maternity paunch that everyone would assume I was pregnant.

Regular women in the regular world don’t have their bellies under such scrutiny. If a woman has had one or two kids, odds are that she a bit of belly leftover. Maybe they don’t have the time to work out twenty times a week, want to get surgery or perhaps they just don’t have those snap-back-into-shape genes….

There have been several actresses who have been under a close “baby bump” watch due to the occasion photo where it looks like there is extra weight on the tummy. The newest lady to come under the “is she or isn’t she spotlight is Jennifer Garner…again. There has been speculation for months that she could have a baby bump. Check out the photos here. Do you think it’s a gravy baby or a real baby?

Photos: Bauer Griffin