Is Jennifer Lopez Dumping Casper Smart To Concentrate On Single Motherhood?

Jennifer Lopez

I guess you can say someone is finally seeing the light here. Word in the blogosphere is that Jennifer Lopez might finally be realizing that her beau, 25-year-old Casper Smart might be only in it for the money and that he is taking his relationship with the megastar and $10,000-a-week allowance “for granted.” Young man, please take your place right behind Cris Judd in the irrelevance corner because that is where you are headed!

A source says that despite hooking him up with his own reality show deal on the Oxygen network, Jennifer is beginning to see his gold-digging ways. They say the single mother is realizing that she is being used. Here’s what OK! Magazine has to say about it:

J.Lo is cutting off Casper’s $10,000 weekly allowance — and it’s not because he won’t take out the garbage.

Jennifer thinks he’s taking it for granted,” an insider tells OK!. “Everyone told her he was just using her for her money and connections, and now she’s ready to put it to the test.”

How long is it going to be until Casper gets the boot? Quite honestly, this would probably be a good time for Jennifer to concentrate on single motherhood. It’s almost one year since she split with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, so perhaps some time with her twins, Max and Emme, would be good right about now? What do you think?