Is Jennifer Lopezs Mother Being A Difficult Abuelita?

Jennifer Lopez and her mom

We’ve all been here before, now haven’t we? There are rumors that megastar Jennifer Lopez is budding heads with her own mother, Guadalupe, on how she should be raising her twin kids, Max and Emme.

While Jennifer has been very open about her plans to take her kids on the road with her for her summer tour, Guadalupe thinks the children should be in a more “normal” environment and at home. And what’s making things even worse for Jennifer is that her soon-to-be ex-husband Marc Anthony is even siding with Guadalupe on this one.

A source tells the National Enquirer:

“Marc and Guadalupe agree that the twins have been through a lot, between their parents’ split, moving from New York to Los Angeles and now suddenly seeing their mother with a new man. But Jennifer doesn’t see it as a problem. She wants Emme and Max with her, and bringing along several nannies isn’t a problem for her.”

What do you think? Should the kids go on the road with Jen or stay behind with their grandmother?