Is Jersey Shore's Snooki An Out Of Control Poor Role Model?

Jersey Shore's Snooki

Jersey Shore does the hospital! is reporting that Jersey Shore star Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi got so drunk during a night out while taping scenes for the hit show that she had to be taken to the hospital!

Snooki has already been arrested for being under the influence in public, and now it appears that she’s had another alcohol fuelled incident. A source told the website that during a night out at a Miami nightclub in May, that Snooki was ‘so drunk that she had to be carried out of the nightclub ‘Dream’ by the show’s producers.’

The source says that Polizzi was then rushed to a local hospital to be treated for suspected alcohol poisoning and that “Snooki was out of commission for about two days and was left in pain after undergoing the hospital treatment.”

Neither Snooki nor MTV have chosen to comment. It’s scary to me that a 22 year old is getting so carried away at a club that she has to be taken to the hospital! Even scarier that the level of fame these kids are achieving seems to be directly proportionate to how much they party! Do you think Snooki is a bad example for our kids, or is she just a young woman who made a few bad choices?