Is Jesse James Being Mean to Sandra Bullock?


Jesse James went to rehab after news broke of his cheating ways. Upon his exit, there were a thousand reports that he missed Sandra Bullock and was desperate to get her back. He even went on Nightline to give his mea culpa. And yet, just a few months later he’s been publicly flaunting his relationship with tattooed vixen Kat Von D. Is it to make poor Sandra mad?

Sounds likely. A new report in this week’s Us Weekly claim that Jesse is flat out mean to his ex. “Things are really tense between Sandy and Jesse,” says a source. His rebound romance aside, “Jesse has been really angry. He’s mean to her. They’re not on good terms.”

Jesse recently moved to Austin and Sandra, who also lives in the area, still visits his kids. However, she does not see him and the locals are less than thrilled about his arrival in their town. “If Jesse is coming to Texas now, Sandy might leave Austin for good,” says a Bullock fan. “Losing a gem like Sandy would be sad for the Lone Star State!”