Is Jessica Simpson Already 6-Months Pregnant?!? Check Out These Baby Bump Photos!

Jessica Simpson Pregnant?!?

Is Jessica Simpson not just pregnant but could she already be about six or seven months along?

New photos emerged of Jessica Simpson looking – yet again – very  much knocked up.  The photography team that took these photos weren’t just boldly stating that they were of a “very pregnant Jessica Simpson” but that they seem to think that Jessica is already six or seven months pregnant. Also, check out the roots on Jessica. It looks as if she is taking that “don’t dye your hair while pregnant” thing pretty seriously. 

By looking at what everyone assumes is a baby bump, it does look like she could be that far along. But the question is,  if she is really pregnant, why doesn’t she just admit it already? Is she just trying to keep this very personal matter, well, personal? She must be either very amused or upset by all the “is she” or “isn’t she” speculation that has become fodder of blogs and tabloids near and far. Worse case scenario? She just gained a bunch of weight and it settled in a very odd way, and that would just be awkward for all of us.

What do you think? Check out these photos and see if you can decide, but be warned, she wisely wore a loose fitting black maxi-dress just to make our job of bump watching harder!

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    Jessica Simpson
    Check out how that necklace falls, doesn't it seem it is resting on a baby belly?
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    Jessica Simpson
    If she is trying to hide a baby bump, wearing a black maxi dress is sure the way to do it.
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    Jessica Simpson
    You can totally see a bit of a belly here.
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    Jessica Simpson
    So if she is indeed pregnant, she really should just come out with the news!
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    Jessica Simpson
    Jessica, even though she (could) be very much pregnant, that's not stopping her from going to meetings.
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    Jessica Simpson
    How far along do you think she is?