Is Jessica Simpson Being Bullied For Her Post-Baby Body?

Jessica Simpson

Gossip mag Us Weekly has a new cover out of Jessica Simpson with the headline, “Bullied For Her Weight: My Diet Struggle.” Now, as we all know Jessica Simpson was given a multi-milion dollar contract by Weight Watchers to shed her post-baby pounds after she gave birth to her daughter Maxwell back in May.

A lot of her critics have basically expected the new mom to shed the reported 80 pounds that she gained during her pregnancy with the help of her diet deal, but it looks like things aren’t working as fast as maybe Jessica, Weight Watchers, and the entertainment world have all expected. So what gives?

WIth many new celebrity moms posing for magazine covers eight weeks after giving birth to their babies with their new and amazing “bikini bodies,” it’s safe to say that there is a bit of an expectation to see celebrities bounce back quickly because they have all the tools and resources that we don’t have: personal chefs, personal trainers, nannies, housekeepers, and as with Jessica, a million dollar deal to lose weight. If all of that doesn’t work for a celebrity then we end up scratching our heads and think, “Well, if it didn’t work for so and so, then how is it going to work for me?” If Jessica Simpson is having a hard time losing her weight, than how am I supposed to feel about Weight Watchers working for me? While yes, every body is different, but if the company’s number one campaign is having a hard time with the baby bulge, then why would I spend my time and money working on something that might not potentially work?

No, Jessica isn’t being bullied for her weight. Bully is a word that is being overused so much lately that it is losing it’s meaning. I think it’s the heavy expectations that she along with the media have put on her that is making people wonder why she isn’t back to her skinny jeans. While sure, losing 70 or 80 pounds is no walk in the park, and isn’t advisable to lose in a short period of time, it’s what she unfortunately signed up for. As the old Twitter hashtag saying goes, “#getmoney.”

For the record, Jessica looks fine, happy, and healthy and is obviously putting motherhood as a priority before other things in her life, like for example spending six hours a day in the gym the same way Kate Hudson did after she gave birth to her son last year. Unfortunately for Jess though she didn’t realize that priorities change after baby when she signed her name away on the dotted line for Weight Watchers. But I’m sure that watching her daughter grow everyday rather than spend endless hours in the gym is something Jessica doesn’t mind doing. And that’s ok.

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