Is Jessica Simpson Having a Boy This Time?


When Jessica Simpson has her second baby in a few months, it won’t be getting any hand-me-down clothes from big sister Maxwell.

RadarOnline is reporting exclusively that the actress-singer-fashion icon will be having a boy this time around!

The gossip site quotes an inside source as saying Jessica found out the news this week at a routine prenatal checkup. The doctor asked if she wanted to know the sex of the baby.

“Jessica immediately said yes, and when the doctor said it was a boy, she screamed with joy.”

The source adds, “It’s Jessica’s dream come true; she prayed she was having a boy,” largely because she always wanted a baby brother herself when she was growing up.

There’s only one little problem now: Jess and her fiance, Eric Johnson, already used their favorite boy’s name on their daughter. So now they’re trying to come up with a good second choice for their son.

Will they go with the gender-switching trend again this time around and name him Leslie, Lindsay or Robin?

[Photo: via Twitter]

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