Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant…. or is she Playing Games With the Paparazzi?

Is Jess finally pregnant?

Either songstress Jessica Simpson really is pregnant this time, or she has one good sense of humor.

Ok, so we’re not sure about the sense of humor, but photos of the blonde bombshell have once again surfaced revealing what could be either a really big baby bump or Jess hiding a toddler’s soccer ball underneath her dress.

It looks like Bronx Mowgli’s aunt has some explaining to do!

Jessica is currently planning her nuptials to longtime beau and ex-NFL star Eric Johnson, so we’re not sure how a heavily-pregnant Jessica will be able to fit into her designer wedding gown in time for her big day.

There could also be a possibility that Jessica is just playing games with the paparazzi with all the speculation that the star might be preggers.

What do you think?  Could Jess really be pregnant this time around… or should she just pick more flattering clothing?  Tell us your thoughts.


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