Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant? The Truth Behind the Rumors!

jessica simpson pregnant
Is Jessica Simpson pregnant?

Is Jessica Simpson pregnant? That’s the rumor du jour about the blonde pop singer, whose romance with Eric Johnson has been well documented over the past few months. But is the couple really expecting, or is this just another example of tabloid speculation gone crazy?

It appears to be the latter. I can’t find any solid facts that back up the assertion, unless you count random tweets with links to stories from questionable sources that spell “celebrities” as “celebritys.” The main evidence seems to be that Simpson threw up at a concert earlier this month. Well, lots of people who are not pregnant throw up.

Also, a report in the National Enquirer said the 30-year-old Simpson wants to have a baby. I want to buy a smartphone, but that doesn’t mean I am.

The other “evidence:” Jess has gained a few pounds. Goodness, could we please let this poor woman “bulk up” to a size eight without declaring her pregnant or fat every couple months?

What do you think any solid evidence that Simpson is anything more than bloated? Leave a note below.


Photo: Wikipedia