Is Jessica Simpsons Daughter Maxwell Already Walking At 9 Months?


BCC2UaGCAAAyNLj.jpg-largeIt looks like Jessica Simpson might not just have her hands full with a toddler and her own second pregnancy, but a walking toddler at that, too! In a new photo of her 9-month-old daughter Maxwell, I’m guessing that the little cutie might be well on her way to making her first steps, if she hasn’t done so already!

In the photo, which Jessica shared on Twitter, little Maxi is seen standing in a kitchen sink all on her own with a cute pair of shoes on. This mama is guessing that she’s either learning how to cruise or is ready to start cruisin’ her way around the house! And at nine months, that’s pretty impressive.

I remember thinking that while my children were at that stage, I couldn’t help (and was pretty impatient, too) to see them finally walk on their own. But when they started walking, all I wanted was for them to finally sit and take a breather with their very tired mama, LOL.

Tell us Babble readers, when did your children start taking their first steps?

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