Is Jill Zarin Playing The Sympathy Card?


I have let all of you know that I am a new convert to the Real Housewives of New York. I’ve only seen a few episodes and I can already tell that Jill Zarin is the most despicable. It seems like everyone has a problem with this woman and her showing up un-invited to St. John’s seemed inappropriate, scene-greedy, and kind of pathetic. She could have just met Kelly Bensimon at the airport like requested instead of shoving herself in the spotlighty middle. 

Maybe my views are tainted since my first impression of her was made when she Tweeted about Bethenny Frankel’s birth before she even had a chance to announce it?  But, in looking over the comments to past RHONY posts on this site, most people tend to agree and show some dislike for Jill. Perhaps feeling a lack of fan love and support, she is now playing the sympathy card? She claims, though I am pretty sure this isn’t humanly possible, that she cried for three whole days after the vacation fiasco.

About the cold welcome she received from Ramona Singer, Alex McCord and Bethenny when she showed up at the house, Jill tells Us Magazine: “It was such a Mean Girls moment that I literally cried for like two or three days. They didn’t offer me a glass of water or a bathroom! We had just traveled nine hours, and they knew it. I had to pee! You have no idea what a schlep it was. Schlep doesn’t even describe it!”

Ok, the bathroom thing is mean. I can agree with that.

Jill says all she really wanted was to make up with everyone, but it didn’t happen, proving once again that a phone call is much better than traveling nine hours to a place where you know people hate you.

“Alex was the one to really throw me out,” Jill continues. “If she said, ‘I don’t care‚’ then Ramona would have had me stay. [And] why didn’t Ramona say to Alex, ‘Jill is my friend. She should have called, but I’m not throwing her out’? It was the most hurtful thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Yes, the worst…until the next episode, of course.