Is Julia Roberts Jealous of Sandra Bullock? Maybe…


julia_robertsWith Sandra Bullock being the darling of this year’s award season, no doubt, the line of envious stars and starlets is a long one.  But is Julia Roberts really the one turning green (or the greenest) with envy?  

Speculators are starting to connect the dots — scrutinizing Sandra’s roller-coaster of a career and personal life over the past six years – to make sense of her recent ascent to super-stardom status.   It’s clear that she made a choice to focus on her family for a period of time – new husband and step-kids, Chandler, 15, Jesse Jr, 12 and Sunny, 5- but she also managed to pick two winners as her comeback films.  Julia, who also made “mommy” a starring role  for awhile, hasn’t been so lucky with her film roles and made a few bad choices: word has it she passed on The Proposal (handing off the opportunity to Sandra!) because she didn’t want to cut her fee.

It’s not news in Hollywood  that as one star rises, another often falls.  Tinsel town is a very fickle place and it doesn’t take much to have the decision makers and movie-goes cry out, as Heidi Klum would, “You’re out!”  And while Julia clearly  isn’t “out” (she is still one of the highest paid actresses out there!), Sandra is really IN, and it makes sense that this would  irk the original Pretty Woman and supposedly leading her to push her representatives to get her working and get her working fast.

Our message to Julia — just sit tight through the Academy Awards (because there’s a good shot Sandra will win and it will hurt),  keep your head down and do good work.   And thanks to both you and Sandra for proving that while it isn’t every easy to jump back on the career track after a stint on the mommy track  (even for movie stars!) it’s possible to do it and to do it really well.