Is Justin Bieber's Mom Being Cut Out Of His Business Affairs?

Pattie Mallette is Justin Bieber's Mom

Oh no, is this a case of another celebrity mom trying to keep her hand in the cookie jar, or is Justin Bieber’s mom really just protecting her and her son’s best interests? is reporting that the famous teen’s mom, Pattie Mallette, has hired her own lawyer to ensure that her interests are protected with regards to her son’s superstar career.

But, she insists it’s not Justin’s money she’s after she just wants to make sure she’s kept in the loop! The website reports that Mallette not only never even read her son’s autobiography until it hit store shelves, but she had no idea that his team was releasing a nail polish line. A source claims that “No one in Justin’s camp told her or consulted her. She found out about it by reading it in the press.”

It kind of makes me wonder though how these sorts of things get done without a parental sign off. Justin Bieber is a minor so I’m assuming he needs a parent to sign off on anything that would be endorsed by him. Is his father signing off and just not telling his mother? This isn’t about money for Pattie though; it’s about feeling like she has no control over her son’s career. “She doesn’t want anyone to think she’s after her son’s money and she’s not. But she hasn’t bought clothes for herself in two years! She flies coach. Her son writes an autobiography and no one even shows it to her. It’s ridiculous. And Pattie is really tormented over it.”

OK, while I agree she *might* not be after her son’s money I certainly don’t believe that she hasn’t bought clothes in 2 years! It seems kind of ridiculous to even say that if you ask me.  And Scott ‘Scooter’ Braun, who is Justin’s manager, told that there’s no truth to the rumours that Pattie has been cut out of important business decisions regarding her son; “There are no truth to rumors that Justin’s mom is unhappy. She worked and co-operated on his autobiography.”

Hmmm, what do you think? Do you think that Justin’s team is trying to cut his mother out of business life?