Is Kate Gosselin a Cougar?


Kate Gosselin’s recent wardrobe choices have left some critics referring to her fashion style as cougar-esque. I’ve shared my own criticism of Gosselin’s questionable choices since husband Jon took up with every 20-something who will have him, but a cougar?  Let’s compare the traits of a cougar with those of Kate Gosselin and determine whether she qualifies for a guest stint on Cougar Town. According to this article, cougars have five main characteristics, so let’s see how Kate measures up:

1. Cougar women desire younger men. Jon Gosselin, 33, is two years younger than Kate, 35, but I think cougars like ’em waaayyyy younger. Like a good decade younger. Since the split, we have no evidence of Kate trying to woo men in their 20s. Although that would be a lot of fun for the rest of us to witness!

2. Cougar women have positive self images and care about the way they look. Tanning. Pedicures. Hair extensions. Plastic surgery. Yup, no doubt about it. Kate cares about how she looks. That one was too easy…

3. Cougar women are independent. Well, she married a moron and seems like Kate always ran the show so the transition to running the household perhaps wasn’t as painful with a steep learning curve as it could have been. Kate is pulling in a hefty salary and seems to be doing just fine without Jon. So check yes for independent.

4. Cougar women like sex. I don’t care to even venture a guess as to how Kate Gosselin feels about this topic. Next!

5. Cougar women don’t seek children, cohabitation or commitment. This most certainly doesn’t describe Kate Gosselin. I would imagine if she does start dating, it won’t be on a casual basis. She has eight kids after all! Any man who is attracted to her in the first place will probably be a family-minded type (and perhaps the slightly insane type).

So is she or isn’t she? Kate might be dressing like one imagines a cougar dresses, but I don’t think she’s a classic cougar. Being a cougar is about dating much younger men more than it is about they way one dresses or looks, and thus far we see no evidence Kate is seducing any boy toys. Plus, I think the “cougar” label is ridiculous — why can’t single women over 35 look great and date? And one study says the prevalence of cougar-dom is all just a media-hyped myth anyway.


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