Is Kate Gosselin Dating Bodyguard Steve Neild?


Is Kate Gosselin dating bodyguard Steve NeildThe whole “Is Kate Gosselin dating her bodyguard, Steve Neild” rumor has been buzzed about before, but guess what? It’s baaack!

Buzz that Kate Gosselin is dating her bodyguard heated up again when Kate and Steve Neild were spotted together taking nightly walks during her recent beach vacation.

Gosselin has denied these rumors before, and no doubt she’ll deny again, but a source tells Us Magazine that “They looked at each other like they were an item” during their walks together.

More details have been trickling in that bodyguard Steve Neild helps to take care of Gosselin’s kids, disciplining them and even tucking them in at night. Isn’t that a bit more than typical bodyguard tasks?

Don’t forget though Steve Neild is a married man, and I doubt that Kate, who is now followed around by paparazzi would be having a fling with a married guy.

Do you think Kate Gosselin is dating Steve Neild?


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