Is Kate Gosselin Dressing Appropriately For a Mom?

kate gosselin
Kate Gosselin Dressing Like a Mom Should?

Over the span of the past few years, Kate Gosselin has definitely gone from mom-frump to camera ready, but is she dressing a little too sexy these days for a mom of eight?

Kate was recently spotted picking up her kids from school in a see-through top, which you can see in this photo. Is this the type of thing that regular moms wear while doing day-to-day tasks like collecting their kids from school?

I’m all for maintaining your “sexy” as a mom, but there’s kind of a time and a place for it, don’t you think? Of course, as a busy mom, maybe Kate didn’t realize that her shirt was so revealing and just threw it on while she was rushing out of the house.

What do you think of her outfit?

Photo: PRPhotos


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