Is Kate Gosselin Getting Fair Treatment in the Media?


From accusations of being an absentee mother for appearing on Dancing with the Stars to harsh critiques of how much time she spends with the kids to criticism of her dancing (okay, that part is fair!), is the media giving Kate Gosselin a bum deal? Just today a story came out saying she blew off her kids to go tanning and get a pedicure, yet Jon was with the kids. Could it be she that she and Jon have trouble being in the same room together or Jon wanted some alone time with the kids so she went out for a bit?

I should mention here that I’m not a big Kate Gosselin fan. I watched some Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes and gasped along with the rest of America as she bossed Jon around mercilessly. I found her dull and uninspired on DWTS. But I think she is getting lambasted in a way a man never would should roles be reversed. And I guess that’s what bothers me. The double standard.  When do you hear a man criticized for traveling for work and being away from the family in order to provide for them? And then imagine if that man is a single dad just trying to support his kids because he has an irresponsible, basically unemployable ex-wife  — well, then he’d be practically a hero! So, no, I don’t find Kate overly likable, but I think the treatment she receives sometimes is downright sexist.

Read the article about her “ditching” the kids here.

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