Is Kate Gosselin Teaching Her Children Bad Eating Habits?


Most of us know that Kate Gosselin of the hit reality TV show Kate Plus Eight is a health nut…but is she teaching her children bad eating habits?

According to  hollybaby, Kate allows her 10-year-old twin girls to have protein shakes for breakfast.

Yesterday on Twitter, Kate told her fans: “I eat fiber cereal & skim milk/coffee. Also, I make AM protein shakes for my 10-year-olds for breakfast & have one too occasionally.”

Nutritionists weighed in, and Tanya Zuckerbrot, creator of The F-Factor Diet said: “Kate’s protein shakes can be a delicious, healthy, fast, fun way in which to provide her children with the protein and vitamins that their growing bodies need…But teaching your kids from an early age to ‘drink your calories’ — obesity is growing at overwhelming proportions — the last thing we want is to have our kids learn bad habits such as drinking your calories [such as juices, colas, and sugary beverages].”

Keri Glassman, a NYC dietician agrees with Tanya. Keri said that there’s really no reason that children should drink protein shakes unless instructed by a doctor. Specifically because it’s difficult to know which protein supplement to buy. She also states that: “Too much protein can be taxing on the kidneys and rob your body of other important nutrients.”

As a busy mom of three, I cannot even imagine how Gosselin does it as a busy mom of eight! But by letting her two oldest children, Cara and Mady, have protein shakes for breakfast instead of a full, balanced meal (or at least a bowl of cereal!), I think she just may be starting some bad eating habits.

And I’ll be the first to admit that a healthy, homemade protein shake must be better than serving her girls sugary, artificially flavored cereals or fat-packed breakfast bars.  But would it really be that much more work to scramble some eggs and put some Nutella on a piece of whole grain toast?

Weigh in! What do you think of this story? Do you think Kate is teaching her children bad eating habits?

Photo: PCN