Is Kate Gosselin Trying To Push Her Children Into Showbiz Again?


87779PCN_Marathon05She might be a mommy blogger now, but it looks like Kate Gosselin isn’t giving up on the real prize out there and wanting to get both her and her family back on the small screen. The reality television star recently tweeted about her talented and creative “director” daughter and “performing” children and how their music videos make her “cry.” Hint, hint, anyone?

The mother-of-eight wrote:

I’m watching music videos that Mady created/directed!She’s amazing!She and all of her brothers and sisters ‘star’ in them! They make me cry!

And while her sentiment might be genuine, we can’t help but wonder, is Kate trying to send out subtle messages to Hollywood about her children’s talents? Knowing this very eager and ambitious mother, you never know!

What do you think, Babble readers? Do you want to see Kate and her eight back on television?

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