What If Kate Hudson Was Pregnant With Alex Rodriguezs Baby?


Is Kate Hudson knocked up? This is a question we’ve found ourselves asking a lot lately. The Academy Award winner has been seen wearing uncharacteristically large coats, sweaters and ponchos as if she is hiding something.

There has also speculation that she had gotten a boob job, a subtle boob job at that. Or perhaps it’s just part of the natural process of being knocked up. So if she is ‘with child’, whose child is it? Our guess….

Alex Rodriguez! The superstar pair broke up in December. Which would mean she could potentially be about four or five months pregnant. She also is looking at real estate in New York City maybe to be closer to her baby daddy? Their child would have some good genes for sure. Plus half-brother Ryder would get some sweet seats at Yankees games.

But on the other hand, she could have been just wearing those big jackets to hide that boob job she might have gotten. Or maybe she was just cold.

Looks like we may have to wait a couple months to see if there are any developments…literally. And yes, it’s silly to jump on the bump watch bus whenever there’s a tiny bit of a belly showing, but it sure is fun!

Photo: Pacific Coast News