Is Kate Middleton Pregnant? War Horse Premiere Photos May Start More Rumors (Photos)

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant?

Someone should tell Kate Middleton not to carry her handbag in such as way. Why? Because it will just start rumors that she could be pregnant.

It isn’t the most natural way to carry a purse, so when a celebrity holds a handbag in such a way, well, people will talk.

While at the War Horse Premiere in London, Kate Middleton stunned on the red carpet with husband Prince William. The duo looked amazing. Kate wore a Alice Temperly black lace gown that accented her tiny wait and slim figure but it did seem to accent more of a stomach shape than usual.

It could be the fit, the style, the lighting or maybe there is a royal bun in the oven? Check out these photos and see for yourself.

  • Kate Middleton 1 of 4
    Kate Middleton
    Kate and Prince William
  • The Tummy 2 of 4
    The Tummy
  • Kate Middleton Hiding Something 3 of 4
    Kate Middleton Hiding Something
    An odd way to hold a handbag don't you think.
  • Kate Middleton Holding Tight to Her Handbag 4 of 4
    Kate Middleton Holding Tight to Her Handbag
    She holds her handbag in front of her stomach, have you ever carried a purse like this?