Is Kate Moss Getting Healthy In Order To Get Pregnant?


Kate Moss isn’t exactly synonymous with healthy living. The supermodel who pioneered the waif look i the 90s has since battled a host of demons, including a PR nightmare than stemmed fro alleged cocaine use, and a toxic relationship with former boyfriend Pete Dougherty. But now Kate is in a new relationship with The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince, and according to Showbiz Spy, is looking to get pregnant again.

To that end, it is rumored that Kate is ditching cigarettes and cutting back on the booze, with the help of a London hypnotherapist. Well, regardless of her baby plans, it sounds like a good idea. Smoking is bad for you, and if you think you are drinking to much, you probably are.

“Jamie is keen to start a family and Kate knows that it would be wise to try to conquer her vices before she gets pregnant again,” a source told The Sun. “Her daughter Lila has been hinting that she wants a sibling and Jamie has made it clear that he’d love to be a dad. Now Kate is coming round to the idea of having another child and the first step on the process is to cut out her bad habits.”

Well, we wish her the best of luck with that. It isn’t easy. But a healthy pregnancy depends on it, so good for Kate.

Source/Photo: bauergriffinonline