Is Katie Holmes Pregnant? (Photos)

Katie Holmes
That looks like a baby bump on Katie Holmes

I’m usually the last to look at a photo of a celeb and jump to the conclusion that they are pregnant just because they look a little thicker around the middle.  I tend to give the celeb the benefit of the doubt: they might have been slouching or the worst possible pic of them was used to make them look like they could be pregnant.

But, these latest pics immediately made me ask: Is Katie Holmes pregnant?!?!  It’s the close-up of her belly that really has me convinced that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are giving Suri Cruise a sibling soon!  Take a look at more pics and judge for yourself:

Suri Cruise
It's not just one bad shot making it look like Katie Holmes is pregnant
suri cruise
A close up makes it look like Katie Holmes is pregnant!

Photos: Pacific Coast News