Is Katie Holmes Pregnant? The Photos That FINALLY Prove Whether She is or Isn't! (PHOTOS)

Katie Holmes

A picture can say a thousand words, and these photos of Katie Holmes from Monday proved not once, but twice that she is not, and I repeat, not knocked up. Yes, these photos don’t just say it, they scream it.

Just check out these photos. Her tummy is totally flat. Like ironing board flat. Flat, flat, flat. There is no way a baby could be hiding in there unless she conceived a baby in the last month or so.  In these photos she really strutted her stuff, in a way that seemed to say smugly, “all you silly people that were betting that I was pregnant, you were wrong. Way wrong. Now, you owe me five bucks.”   (See Photos Here)

And she didn’t do any of the patented celebrity bump hiding techniques either, no baggy shirt, no big bulky scarves, and she held her bag proudly to lower and to the side, not by her tummy.

And it looks like she may have even lost weight. After those “baby bump” photos surfaced recently, did she take offense and go on a binge diet and work out a little more to keep those rumors, which were probably more like hurtful remarks to her, at bay?