Is Katie Holmes Trying to Give Suri Cruise the Best Week Ever? (Photos)

Katie Holmes Taking Suri to the Museum

It’s a common thing. A couple breaks-up and the parents go on a great big ‘spoiling spree.’ They will do, buy and try anything and everything to make matters a bit more positive for their kids in the midst of a slew of negativity. And really, who can blame them?

Kids of divorce have to deal with a giant upheaval of their once normal life. And one little girl who is being treated to the best week ever after the announcement that her parents have split up ? Suri Cruise. Now, I’m not saying Suri Cruise’s life was ever normal, but having a two parent household was one part that was conventional (even though the two parents happen to be movie stars.)

The latest event in Suri Cruise ‘Best Week Ever’?

On Friday Katie took her to the Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York, they went out to lunch at Via Quadronno Restaurant and also stopped by F.A.O Schwartz for a little toy shopping. That sound akin to a birthday celebration rather than just a Friday. Other things they have done this week has included a well documented trip to the Zoo, a afternoon tea with friends, more shopping and yet another visit to the Children’s Museum of the Arts.

Do you think Suri is getting additional treats and attention post split or is this just another day in the life of Suri Cruise?