Is Katy Perry Pregnant? Her Twitter Stream Says So.


katy-perry-pregnant-twitter-russel-brandKaty Perry and Russell Brand got engaged recently, and now rumors are heating up that Perry is pregnant. Where did the rumor start? Why, from Perry’s own Twitter stream, that’s where. (By the way, that isn’t Katy Perry and Russell Brand in the picture – it’s the image from Perry’s Twitter page and it was so damn cute I couldn’t help but show it off.)

In a message to @rustyrockets (Brand’s Twitter name) Perry says, “Hey @rustyrockets i heard ur prego-ed” and then follows that with several Tweets asking for an In-N-Out burger. Hey, I don’t make these rumors up I just release them into the universe.

So what do you think? Just the playful Twitters of a young couple in love, or a pregnancy announcement followed by the ravenous, irrational cravings of a woman with child?