Rumor Alert: Is Kim Kardashian Pulling a Beyonce? Will She Rent An Entire Hospital Floor?


Kim Kardashian spotted at LAX airport looking good in a white suitWill Kim Kardashian pull a Beyonce and get a entire floor for the birth of her baby? New rumors are swirling that Kim and Kanye West will indeed be trying to make the arrival of their child as private as possible.

Some sources told the U.K.’s Daily Star that “Kim’s taking the preparations for childbirth very seriously. She wants everything to be perfect and, luckily for her, money is no object.”

“Her room will be totally sound-proofed before the delivery,” adds the Daily Star. “She wants all outside influences and noise of traffic muted.” They also mentioned that Kim would like to have the lights in the maternity room dimmed, have some color lights added and would like to give birth while be soothed by ambient music. Supposedly, Kim also plans to alter the mood by using dimmed, colored lights and soothing ambient music.

Do you think Kim will be pulling a Beyonce?