Are The Kim Kardashian W Magazine Photos Raising The Reality TV Bar?


kim kardashianWhile many reality starlets find themselves trying to capitalize on their 15 minutes of fame by appearing on reality show after reality show, Kim Kardashian has created a brand for herself like no other. Not even her sisters have been able to achieve the level of fame that Kim has.

Kim is currently gracing the cover of W Magazine wearing nothing but her birthday suit. The magazine itself acknowledges that ‘Kim Kardashian can’t sing, act, or dance, but she’s found the role of a lifetime in the fine art of playing herself.’

In the magazine’s Reality TV Show hall of fame, Kardashian is ranked at number 1, and described as ‘With her family’s TV show and an ever-growing amount of retail ventures, Kardashian has set the bar for a new kind of “making it” in Hollywood.”

But has she? Has Kim Kardashian raised the bar for reality show hopefuls in Hollywood? Or is she truly a savvy business woman who knows how to market herself even without any discernible talent? She has even said herself that part of the reason for her reality show success is “People would come over and say, ‘Where are the cameras?’ Everyone always said that it was like a sitcom at our house! We also knew that while we had the glitz and glam for an audience to vicariously live through, we are such a normal family that everyone can relate to.”

Why do you think that Kim has been able so successful even though she’s basically a reality show star? And do you think that with her recent magazine cover other reality show starlets will try to follow in her footsteps?