Is Larry Birkhead Exploiting Daughter Dannielynn? Anna Nicole Smith's Family Thinks So

Danielynn Birkhead

It sure does seem like this past month has been full of celebrity toddler drama, huh? First, with Halle Berry’s Thanksgiving knockdown that went on in front of her house, the he said/she said Twitter rants between Brandi Glanville and Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, and now Larry Birkhead versus Anna Nicole Smith’s family. It just doesn’t end!

While Larry has boasted so many times about how he is raising his daughter Dannielynn in a “normal environment” (via Access Hollywood, In Touch Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, etc). her mom Anna Nicole Smith’s family is furious that the 6-year-old is now modeling. Here’s what we’re reading:

“We were proud that he’d kept Dannielynn out of the public eye, but now Larry is turning her into a mini-Anna Nicole. It will be awful to see Dannielynn plastered all over billboards and bus stops like her mother was 20 years ago. We just pray that she doesn’t make the same bad choices her mother did. Larry needs to be very careful because Dannielynn can be easily exploited. She should not be walking her mother’s walk or she may be headed down the same path.”

What do you think? Is Larry “exploiting” his daughter in order to extend his 15-minutes of fame? Or is he allowing her to have opportunities she wouldn’t otherwise have without her mother’s fame?

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