Is Leah Messer Trying for a Baby? Is Jenelle Evans Back With Gary? This Week's "Teen Mom" Rumors! (Photos)

Are the newlyweds trying to be new parents, too?

There are a lot of worried Teen Mom fans out there who wonder whether their favorite cast members are exhibiting the best judgment possible when it comes to themselves and their families.

Take today’s bombshell report from OK! magazine that Leah Messer and new husband Jeremy Calvert, married only two weeks, are trying to have a baby.

Too soon! went the murmurs. There’s plenty of time to think about more babies.

But is there any truth behind the rumor? And what about the others floating out there – like Chelsea Houska‘s new look, Maci Bookout’s son calling her boyfriend “Daddy” and the latest drama from Jenelle Evans?

Wonder no more. We have the answers here!

Read on and let us know – what will the next turn of the rumor mill bring?

First up, the Leah-wants-a-baby rumor. True or false?

  • False! 1 of 13
    Leah's mother, Dawn, told a blogger for that the OK! story is "false" and came from a "very unreliable source." So perhaps the newlyweds will take some time to adjust to married life before adding to their family.
  • True or False: Gary Head is back with Jenelle Evans 2 of 13
    True or False: Gary Head is back with Jenelle Evans
    The Teen Mom and her Marine seemed inseparable - Gary even bought this engagement ring for her. Since their breakup a few weeks ago, fans have been wondering if a reconciliation is possible.
  • False! 3 of 13
    "I'll always care and love her no matter what," Gary tweeted on Monday. "That's just the kind of person I am. But we don't need to be together."
  • True or False: Maci Bookout’s son calls her boyfriend Kyle Regal 4 of 13
    True or False: Maci Bookout's son calls her boyfriend Kyle Regal
    A lot of eyebrows were raised the other day when Maci tweeted, "shout out to 'daddy' aka @KyleREGAL for changing our flat tire!" Is Maci moving too fast with her new guy?"
  • False! 5 of 13
    Maci was quick to assure fans that she's taking it slow when it comes to bringing Kyle into son Bentley's life. "they are friends...but im obviously holding off on allowing a close relationship to form too fast," she tweets.
  • True or False: Chelsea Houska dyed her hair 6 of 13
    True or False: Chelsea Houska dyed her hair
    Chelsea has been curious to see whether redheads have more fun, and this picture suggests that she took the plunge this week.
  • False! 7 of 13
    Chelsea Photoshopped the picture to see whether auburn locks would suit her. Looks like she's still thinking it over; she went for a retro (but blond!) style for school.
  • True or False: Kail Lowry doesn’t celebrate Christmas 8 of 13
    True or False: Kail Lowry doesn't celebrate Christmas
    Kail revealed on Twitter that she's an atheist. "I can still be a good person if I don't believe in God." But then why did a past season of "TM" show her with a Christmas tree in her apartment?
  • True! 9 of 13
    Kail implies that the network made her go through the motions of the holiday for the sake of the show. "I don't celebrate Christmas & what you saw on the show was over two years ago & it wasn't even actually Christmas," she tweets.
  • True or False: Jenelle is back with her ex Kieffer Delp 10 of 13
    True or False: Jenelle is back with her ex Kieffer Delp
    Since their breakup, Gary has been tweeting photos and messages that strongly suggest that Jenelle has run back to her toxic ex. He's even said that he hopes her son Jace will stay in the custody of Jenelle's mother. But is this all retaliation from a bitter former BF?
  • False! (We hope!) 11 of 13
    False! (We hope!)
    According to an interview posted on Gather, Jenelle denies getting back with Kieffer, adding that "I get off probation on Tuesday and I wouldn't EVER think of jeopardizing that." She also shoots down accusations from ex-friend Tori Rhyne that she's been abusing drugs and cutting herself. But she's keeping a low profile, keeping her Twitter account inactive.
  • True or False: Farrah Abraham is doing a spinoff show 12 of 13
    True or False: Farrah Abraham is doing a spinoff show
    As the original "Teen Mom" series comes to an end, there's lots of speculation over what's next for the original cast.
  • True! (Possibly!) 13 of 13
    True! (Possibly!)
    Farrah said in a recent interview that a spinoff "is an option waiting to happen. MTV is my family. I'm seeing how things play out." But she's busy enough with her new book, her line of food and, of course, her daughter Sophia!

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