Is LeBron James' Mom Having An Affair With His Teammate?


I grew up in Cleveland, but have never been a huge basketball fan. In fact, I know almost nothing about the sport except what I picked up in my hometown which is that LeBron James is a god on the court. Lately though, it seems that his game hasn’t been going as well as it used to, sparking some bloggers to speculate why.

The hottest rumor? His mother Gloria James is sleeping with his teammate Delonte West.

Yikes. was the first to speculate, claiming insider knowledge from a friend who works at Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Cavaliers.

Aside from that, there are really no facts. The whole thing continues to gain steam though since none of the parties involved have stepped forward to deny it.

Since my knowledge of LeBron is slight and I know little to nothing about Delonte, I called up an expert, my dad.  It seems that this is a bigger deal than just awkwardness and some locker room fighting. It could effect Lebron’s choice of where he ends up next season.  He could stick with the Cavs, but if this is true, he’ll definitely be switching teams.


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