Is Lil Wayne a Baby Daddy Yet Again? Hit With Paternity Suit While in Prison


Lil Wayne

One thing about the timing of being served with papers for a paternity suit while in prison. The server of the lawsuit will know where you are!

While incarcerated at Riker’s Island, Lil Wayne was served with paternity papers that claim that he is the father of an eight year old girl in New York. But the papers weren’t even filed by the girls mother…
The girl’s grandmother, Brenda Ann Brown, filed the law suit against Weezy. There is a court ordered DNA test to prove that Lil Wayne is the daddy. The test was supposed to happen before September 10 but Lil Wayne was behind bars at the time so the date has been extended to December 9th.

If it’s true, this would mean that Lil Wayne is the father to five children, that we know of. Do you think this is just a ploy of someone trying to bank in on Lil Wayne’s fame?

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