Is Lindsay Lohan's 'Inferno' Director a Better Parental Figure Than Her Own Parents?

lindsay lohan
Lindsay Lohan shopping in LA with a friend.

It didn’t take Lindsay Lohan long to fail a drug test after being released from rehab. The actress recently tested positive for cocaine, and is awaiting her fate from Judge Elden Fox. And LiLo isn’t the only one who this will affect. Lohan is supposed to play activist Linda Lovelace in the film, Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story, and producers are none too pleased with this hold up in their shooting schedule–which is supposed to begin on Nov. 15 in New Orleans.

“We are way not happy to not be making this movie this year as planned, and if the ability to shoot in a film incentive program state is not available due to travel limitation placed on Lindsay, that would be a concern, but that cannot be addressed until it is known,” producer Chris Hanley told People.

But the movie’s director, Matt Wilder, seems to be a bit more sensitive to the starlet’s problems. “Did this throw us for a U-turn? Sure,” he said. “But no one has conveyed any pissiness about it.”

It seems, to us, that Wilder is more level-headed about Lohan and her many problems than her own parents are. Perhaps she should start taking advice from this guy as a parental figure, and distance herself (even more) from her own parents.


Photo: David Tonnessen,