Is LuAnn de Lesseps On The Right Track With Her Dance Tune?


luann-de lessepsReal Housewives of New York City’s LuAnn de Lesseps has recorded a song! She wrote and recorded “Money Can’t Buy Class”, a dance tune inspired by her etiquette book Class With The Countess.

“I’m not trying to be Madonna, but I love to sing, and I can sing,” she tells E! News. “I sing all the time for my friends.”

LuAnn says when she went to an Akon concert with her daughter, she realized that she wants to collaborate with him in the future.

How ambitious. I cannot see that happening!

Now that she’s split from Count Alexandre de Lesseps, she’s dating again. She’s even been approached about being on a Bachelorette-style reality show.

“People want to see me date,” she said. “And not only dating, but they want to see me picking apart guys. For example, if a guy is interested in me, they want to see that he has the right shoes. Does he have the right manners? Did he do the right thing? Did he call?”

Very curious to hear what this song sounds like. I’m sure it will be played on the show when it premieres in March 2010.