Is Mariah Carey Pregnant? Here's The Answer! (PHOTOS)

is mariah carey pregnant
Is Mariah Carey pregnant?

Is Mariah Carey pregnant? That’s what everyone is buzzing about after watching the pop star perform on her special tonight on ABC. She and Nick Cannon have suffered the heartache of miscarriage before, and so they were understandably reluctant to discuss the rumors for months. But the Mariah Carey pregnant pics don’t lie.

In case you missed the memo she confirmed the news in October yes, Mariah Carey is pregnant. And there’s little doubt based on this Mariah Carey pregnant pic.

She’s due in March, and Nick Cannon says no, his wife is not expecting twins though that would make for some interesting Mariah Carey songs, wouldn’t it? “Always Be My Babies,” “I Still Believe [I’ll Get Sleep Some Day],” “Honey X 2″ …

Congrats to the happy couple!

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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