Is Matt Damon Dead?


matt-damon-dead-matt-damon-death-matt-damon-dieNow here’s something new – a celebrity death rumor! This time it’s talk that actor Matt Damon was found dead in a mountainous area near Palos Verdes, California.

From what I’ve been able to piece together, the rumor started on this TMZ Live thread posted today. Someone posted the question, “Is Matt Damon dead?” and then linked to a message board that had posted the report about the actor’s body being found. Problem is, the original message board posting is over a year old. (And also currently unavailable.)

Once again, these rumors, left unchecked seem to spread like wildfire. Even though they’re obviously untrue, I imagine it would be hard for family and friends to hear news like this. Luckily Damon’s kids Isabella and Gia are too young to be surfing the internet.

Either way, as far as I know, Matt Damon is not dead. But if his condition changes, rest assured we at FameCrawler will bring you the latest news. That and any news about other celebrities that are not dead.