Is Maura Tierney Pregnant?



NBC has announced that they are delaying the debut of their much-anticipated drama series Parenthood because of an unspecified medical matter involving Maura Tierney. Of course, now the buzz on the internet is that the former ER star is pregnant.

According to the Hollywood Reporter Tierney is requiring an “eight-week medical evaluation” of some kind and NBC is being equally vague saying, “We are unable to release further details and ask that you respect her privacy at this time.” Not sure why pregnancy would require an eight-week leave, but have the internets ever been wrong?

Other sources have suggested that Tierney may be headed to some sort of rehab, but obviously without more details it’s hard to even speculate. Perhaps we should listen to NBC and respect her privacy at this time. Unless I see her picking up a Diaper Genie at Babies R Us, in which case I’m running with the pregnancy story.