Is Megan Fox Looking To Get Pregnant This Year?

Megan Fox

A lot of people love to hate on Megan Fox for the over-the-top things she sometimes says in interviews and for this supposed bad-girl image that Hollywood has tried to mold her in, but to be honest, I kind of like her. She lives a very low-key life and we really don’t see much of her unless she’s promoting a film. She’s only 25-years-old and yet she’s managed to display much more maturity than most of her counterparts, namely Lindsay Lohan, the Kardashians or dare I even mention, LeAnn Rimes. Megan is a stepmom to Brian Austin Green‘s 10-year-old son but you don’t see her going off and calling the paparazzi and inviting them to his soccer games with every given opportunity.

Well, Megan has been talking about kids a lot lately and we can’t help but wonder: is she planning to start a family with her hubby, BAG? The actress recently talked about how much she loves babies to People magazine, saying, “I’ve always really loved kids. I was a good babysitter. I’ve always loved babies. I relate to kids pretty well.”

Her hubby also seems to agree. The 90210 alumni added to People: “She’s an amazing stepmom. She’s always had a special bond with my son.”

“They love each other to death. She’s been in his life since he was 2. She’s amazing,” he added.

There’s no doubt that Megan would be a great, hands-on Hollywood mom in the same way that Jennifer Garner and Gwen Stefani are. I could really see it happening and am hoping for the best for these two.

What are your thoughts on Megan? Do you think she would be a good mom?


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