Miley Cyrus Death Rumor!



Did Miley Cyrus die? Rumors are swirling around the internet that Miley is the latest in a string of celebrities to pass away this week.

So, consider this a public service announcement for any parents who don’t want to deal with hysterical kids when they see the rumors of Miley’s death on the internet in the morning: Miley is alive and well.

Apparently the rumors that were circulating earlier in the evening were that the teen queen had died in a car accident. But according to her Twitter page, Miley posted this, saying that she was in bed, hours after the rumor started:


There you go – safe and sound in her house and sleeping in leg warmers. Parents of Miley Cyrus fans, consider this a gift from me to you. My kids aren’t Miley fans anymore, but I can only imagine the hysterics if my 13-year-old woke up to the rumor that Katie White had died.