Is Miss Universe Jimena Navarrete Setting A Bad Example For Young Girls?


Millions watched last night as Jimena Navarrete was crowned Miss Universe 2010.  The 22-year old beauty from Mexico beat out 82 other contestants from countries all over the world, including first runner up Yendi Phillips, Miss Jamaica, to take the title of Miss Universe.

Though her physical beauty is apparent and obvious, many are saying that it was Jimena Navarrete’s answers during the question part of the competition that secured the crown for her.

When asked about how she felt about unsupervised Internet use, even though she said that the Internet is necessary in this day and age, Jimena added that we should remember to “teach values that we learned as a family.”

Considering that she just won an international beauty pageant, I can’t help but wonder what sort of values she was referring to. By participating in contests such as Miss Universe, is Jimena, along with the other contestants, setting a bad example for young girls?

There is so much emphasis on beauty and perfection these days, and pageants definitely don’t help matters.  Here’s a little food for thought:

Have you ever seen an unattractive woman take the title of Miss Universe, Miss America, or Miss USA?  Have any of them ever paraded around the stage looking anything less than svelte and toned in a perfectly cut bikini?  Girls at home watch these competitions in awe of the beautiful women, and it implies that in order to be successful and important, they must have the looks and presence of a beauty queen.

Young girls today are so impressionable, and though Jimena Navarrete will definitely represent her home country of Mexico well as Miss Universe, it just seems as though she’s a walking contradiction to those “values” that she insists we should all teach and embrace.

What are your thoughts on pageants and the message they send?

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