Is Nadya's Maniacal Laugh Hereditary? (Video)


Nadya SulemanYesterday morning on The View, the ladies grilled Octomom Nadya Suleman about her startling, bat-crazy laugh. To which she replied, “It’s obnoxious, though. I don’t like it and I try to suppress it. And uh… someone told me I need a laugh coach.”

With 14 kids to raise on a reality TV income, Nadya should probably invest in a life coach, before spending money on a laugh coach — but still, she’ could probably tone down that laugh a little bit too.

Is a particular type of laughing hereditary? Or is it a learned behavior? Because if it’s nurture, not nature that determines the way a person laughs, I change my mind and implore Nadya to consult with the best laugh coach in La Habra.

The older Suleman kids may already have picked up mommy’s obnoxious hyena laugh, but for the octuplets at least there is still hope… Set a good example for your children and get some professional help, Nadya.

Nadya Suleman

Source/Photos: INF Daily

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